Studio Policies 2024

Updated 04/05/2024


  • Starting June 2024, no more registration fees!

  • 从2024年8月开始,会员资格将过渡到连续登记,而不是季节性登记.

  • 第一个月的费用必须在上课前支付. 

  • 在收到第一笔学费之前,学生在班上的名额不会被保留.

  • Rates & Pricing can be found here.

  • 要参加季节性演出(独奏会),你必须报名参加 Performance Program and pay the necessary fees. Certain roles in these performances may require audition, however, ANY MEMBER is able to participate in a performance. 有关每场演出的详细信息和报名情况将每月通过电子邮件公布. Note deadlines for signing up for each performance.

  • Class enrollment may be dropped at any time. To formally drop a class, the drop form 必须在每月25日之前填写并提交,以避免收取下个月的费用. Fees will accrue until the drop notice is submitted.

Monthly Payments 

  • Membership payments are due the 1st of every month. 

  • 夏季课程的学费在课程开始前的入学时全额支付.

  • A late tuition charge of $25.每个月7号以后收到的学费都是00美元. 

  • 发票将于上月25日通过电子邮件发送, the 1st of each month, 每个月的5号和7号作为学费到期的自动提醒. 

  • 我们接受以下付款方式:现金,支票,信用卡,借记卡或汇票. 

  • Checks should be made out to: Prodigy Performing Arts Company or PPAC. For all returned checks there is a $35.00 return check fee. 

  • 所有信用卡交易都要收取3%的额外费用. 

  • 你必须按时交学费才能领到春季音乐会的服装, and to participate in classes, Dress Rehearsal and the Spring Concert performance. 

  • 如果学生拖欠学费超过1个月,他们将不能参加课程,直到他们的账户被结算和/或更新. 

  • 学费自动支付选项可在任何时候注册. 您可以通过在您的Square发票上选择“信用卡存档”选项来在线注册自动付款. 

  • 注册后,必须按期缴纳全部学费. 


  • There are no refunds 任何费用,包括学生注册课程后的表演费用. 学分是视情况而定的,只能由导演自行决定. 

  • 如果工作室因报名人数少而必须取消课程,并且学生无法选择另一门课程,则可以退款. Please see class enrollment for further detail. 

  • Sibling Discounts are available to all students. 我们每个额外的兄弟姐妹每月的总学费打九折. 此优惠仅对居住在同一家庭的18岁及以下的兄弟姐妹有效. 

  • Military Discount is a 10% discount on monthly tuition with a valid Military ID. 

  • Referral Discount 允许您在每个朋友的月租费上享受5%的折扣,您可以参考我们的工作室!

  • Discount Restrictions: Family (military/sibling) discounts cannot be combined. 每个学生最多只能获得15%的推荐折扣. Referral discounts do not apply until referred client has fully participated and current on 2 months payments; once the discount is applied it is valid only through the enrollment duration of your referee. Referrals do not apply to immediate family members.

Promotional Students 

  • All promotional deals are for FIRST TIME customers only. 我们将不接受现有学生的代金券或同一学生的重复晋升. 

  • 您可以赎回只有一种类型的促销交易,如果我们运行多个交易. 

  • 学生没有资格参加任何工作室的表演. If you would like to participate in performances, 您必须完全注册为会员,并支付必要的费用,作为一个全日制学生开始在您的促销活动结束. 

  • There are no credits issued for unused vouchers. 

  • Class sizes are limited; priority is given to FULL TIME members for limited spaces in classes. 

  • 补课政策不适用于晋升学生. 

Class Dress Code 

  • Students are expected to arrive in class ready to dance. 

  • All dancers must follow the class dress code accordingly. Please make sure you carefully read the dress code prior to the start of class. 

  • 任何穿着不当的学生将不被允许参加上课. 

  • PPAC ’s online store provides ALL necessary attire for classes. 

  • Street shoes ie. 严禁在室外穿鞋进入舞池. 嘻哈舞者必须穿著服装规定或类似规定的指定舞鞋.

Class Policies/Cancellations 

  • There is a class limit for each class depending on studio size. 如果一个班级已经满了,你可以在候补名单上报名,以防有学生退学. After January, the waiting list will be voided. 

  • The minimum for each class is 2 students. 如果一个班级在一个月内招收的学生不超过2人, 该课程可能会被取消或转移,并且该班级的现有学生将被添加到另一个班级.

  • For one time classes such as master classes, pop-ups, etc.,如未能达到每次上课最少四名学生的要求,课程可能会被取消或改期.

  • 您必须在注册后2个月内达到最低年龄和技能要求. 任何年龄不符合要求的学生只能在导师和主任的决定下选修更高级别的课程. 

  • Classes have strict age limitations and may not allow enrollment; in this case you must email us to request class placement outside of your age group. 请注意,此请求是有条件的,可能不会基于技能而被尊重 & experience of the student.

  • 高级课程需要批准才能加入,因为学生在入学前必须能够执行特定的技能. 每季度的评估课程是免费的,以协助在需要时安排班级.

Make-up Classes 

  • If there are any missed classes due to inclement weather, students may make up the class the following week. If this should happen, 邮件通知将会发出,提醒每个人参加下周的补课. 

  • Students may take ANY age appropriate class for a make up; it does not have to be the same dance style. 

  • Makeup classes must be done within 30 days of missed classes.

  • To arrange a makeup class, you must email us to request.


  • PPAC希望所有的舞者和家长在任何时候都表现出良好的行为. 

  • 舞者必须尊重教练、助理、家长和其他舞者. 粗鲁的行为,不恰当的语言,胡闹,欺凌和发脾气是不被容忍的. 如果出现任何行为问题,我们会立即联系家长.

  • 家长必须尊重其他家长、学生、工作人员和工作室的所有者. We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats, or inappropriate behavior at any time. 如果出现任何问题,必须通过正确的渠道妥善处理.

  • 除非老师允许,舞蹈演员不得在课堂上讲话. Any disruptions in class greatly affects everyone involved. 

  • 导演有权暂停或开除任何学生或家庭的工作室. Such action is rare, however, may be dealt with for reasons including but not limited to: constant negative/disruptive behavior from a parent or dancer; accumulating too many absences or tardies; violent behavior/language; and delinquency on tuition. 解雇和/或停职并不免除您应付费用的经济责任. 

Studio Etiquette 

  • 如果上课迟到,家长必须通知工作室管理人员. 如果学生迟到超过10分钟,教师有权拒绝学生进入课堂. Please be on time. 

  • 如果学生在上一节课后超过10分钟没有被接走, 工作室保留每增加一分钟收取1美元儿童保育费的权利.

  • Street shoes ie. ANY shoes worn outside is strictly prohibited on the dance floors. 嘻哈舞者必须穿著服装规定或类似规定的指定舞鞋. 

  • 除了放置在指定区域的水瓶外,不允许在工作室内携带食品和饮料.

  • 手机、其他设备、玩具和任何其他来自家里的物品都不允许进入工作室. For teens, 在上课期间,手机必须调成静音,并放在舞蹈室外面的舞蹈包里. 

  • 所有带着7岁以下孩子的家长必须进入场地去接舞者. 为了他们的安全,7岁以下的学生在没有家长陪同的情况下不得离开大楼. 

  • PPAC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 课后留在工作室的物品将放在失物招领处. Please keep track of all items. 确保所有的舞鞋都在里面贴上学生名字的标签,因为舞鞋最容易丢失或在舞者之间混淆. 

  • 任何学生的财产损失超过100美元的维修费用将由家长负责. 在舞蹈教室里,请帮助我们加强对孩子的尊重和正确行为. Running and horseplay is strictly prohibited. 

Formal Performances 

  • 春季音乐会的准备工作将于9月开始. 请准备好在所有截止日期完成并跟踪事件. 

  • 服装费用包含在所有学生的第一次注册/学费发票中. 服装费为每套服装85美元,应在第一学期结束时或之前缴纳. If your register for classes later in the season, please note full costume payment may be due upon registration.这还不包括裤袜等配件的额外费用, dance shoes, undergarments, etc. For combination classes, 教练将从他们学习的舞蹈风格中选择一种来表演. 

  • 门票、商业广告和节目祝福将在春季开始销售. These items are first come first serve. 音乐会座位有限,所以尽早购票是很重要的. 

  • 彩排对于一场成功的演出是极其重要的. Attendance to all rehearsals before the Concert is MANDATORY. 


  • There will be countless notices, emails, newsletters, and general information being sent out via email. PPAC is a green, eco-friendly business and will use minimal paper for communications; Please make sure we have your correct email address so you are receiving all information. 

  • If you are a Gmail user, 我们的时事通讯将显示在您的促销选项卡,因为他们来自Mailchimp. Please mark as important so you do not miss them! 其他电子邮件用户,如果您没有看到我们的通讯,请检查垃圾邮件文件夹或垃圾邮件. 

  • Don’t forget to Like Us on Social Media! We post quick updates on class cancellations, reminders, 我们的页面上经常会有即将到来的活动,所以请确保你关注我们! 

  • 父母有责任跟踪日期、事件和更新. Please refer to our studio calendar. 

  • 我们不遵循所有WJCC县或约克县学校关闭. 请参考我们工作室的假期日历,并在社交媒体和我们的bbin平台网站大全通讯上关注关闭的消息.

Online Store 

  • 我们的网上bbin平台网站大全是一个方便的一站式bbin平台网站大全,满足您的所有需求. You can purchase dance wear, tights, and shoes for class. Items will be delivered to the studio available for pick up. Studio Merch is also available year round! 

  • Items cannot be returned once ordered. Exchanges only. 

COVID-19 & Communicable Disease Safety Precautions 

  • 所有学生在参加工作室活动之前必须签署COVID-19豁免书. 

  • 我们的设施现在对教师、赞助人和学生都是可选的.

  • 大堂区和更衣室已于2021年7月1日全面开放

  • Please arrive NO EARLIER than 10 minutes prior to class. 如果你跑得更早,学生必须和家长一起在车里等着. 

  • 工作室按照疾病预防控制中心和世界卫生组织的建议每天持续消毒. 如有杂物或遗失物品,请向前台报告.

  • Class maximums have been restored to normal numbers; however, 将在课堂上实施卫生和空间意识. 

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of the cold, flu, Covid-19, 或者任何其他传染病在症状消退前都不要来工作室. 任何在学校出现这些症状的学生或老师都将被立即送回家

  • 饮水机将不允许使用,除了装满水瓶. 

  • 绝对不允许食物或饮料(除了水)进入工作室.